Advantages of Sixfast

Other return-to-China accelerators offer various services, so you need to figure out what kind of service you need and what they provide. Sixfast meets all acceleration needs overseas, including watching Chinese movies and TV shows, listening to music, live streaming, work-related apps, education, financial trading platforms, gaming, and more. No matter where you are, you can easily break through regional restrictions, access blocked domestic network resources, and enjoy an unrestricted network experience.
Sixfast provides over 10,000 network nodes, 5,000 servers, and 150+ global high-speed channels. Resources are spread across 30+ countries/regions globally, with ultra-low latency acceleration services tightly deployed. Tailored high-speed dedicated lines are customized for local needs; no matter where you are overseas or if you are under complex network conditions, Sixfast can provide an outstanding and stable domestic network connection and acceleration experience.
Sixfast collaborates with renowned cloud manufacturers to build a premium acceleration network. The network is fast, stable, and allows for seamless switching between game/application modes, with autonomous line selection.
We use an in-house developed eSports engine, and possess 9 years of accelerator development experience and industry-leading technology. Network transmission protocol optimization, multi-line full server dynamic algorithm resources, dynamic multi-lines, intelligent dual-channels, and other technologies ensure both speed and stability!
One purchase for shared use across multiple devices, including mobile phones, computers, MAC, tablets, and TVs, all simultaneously online. Gigabit bandwidth with unlimited data, offering a superb value for the price.
Utilizes bank-grade advanced encryption transmission technology to protect your personal privacy and data security. With a secure encrypted channel, your network data transmission is fully protected, ensuring you don't have to worry about online security issues.
Avoid the risks of free accelerator services
SixfastFree accelerator
No activity or connection logsMay log and sell your data
Next generation data encryption technologyNo encryption/weak encryption protocol
10000+ servers located in 40 countries/regionsFew servers and few coverage areas
Super fast connectionslow
Smart ad blockingLots of ads
Dedicated line, low latency and no congestionOrdinary line is easily disconnected
unlimited bandwidthLimit your bandwidth
Original weak network optimization technology effectively improves the wireless network environmentWireless network fluctuations have not improved
Comprehensive customer service and technical supportUnable to solve your problem in time
Why choose Sixfast over other brands
Technology / FunctionSixfastOther brand accelerators
Number of servers and nodes10,000+ return nodes, e-sports-level dedicated lines covering 40+ countries/regionsDeployed to only a few countries
Supported network protocolsCompletely self-developed network acceleration protocol, adaptable to all network operators. Ensure stability, reliability, safety and securityUse a less secure VPN protocol
Audio and video lineUse a dedicated line to accelerate video/applications, the connection is more stable, and the video is smootherWhen using a public VPN, the connection is unstable and the video freezes.
Game hotlineHigh-quality direct connection, enjoy playing domestic/international serversNo game line
Multiple device supportMultiple connections, supports 6 terminals, can accelerate 5 devices at the same timeSupports 1 device acceleration
Original weak network optimization technologyStable connection, no packet loss, and prevention of disconnectionPacket loss, lag, game disconnection
Privacy EncryptionProfessional and comprehensive data encryption security protection technologyNo encryption/weak encryption
Customer service and technical supportDedicated customer service 1V1 support and community servicesProvide robot customer service or no customer service support
Sixfast is safe and easy to use

Super fast connection

Directly connected to e-sports grade dedicated line, low latency and no congestion, smooth gaming, video and audio
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